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Domain Registration

As a service to our clients, MRtopia offers a basic domain registration service bundled into your monthly or annual hosting fee. Using our account with GoDaddy.com, we will confirm the availability and register your .com or .net domain(s) for a fee of $15 for each name.

The current rate for .com and .net domains through GoDaddy is $12.17, so you can see that we're making a small profit of $2.83 per name per year. Other domains like .us, .info, .biz, and many others are available at different rates - some more expensive, some less.

If you would prefer to save $2.83 and handle your own domain name registration, there are many companies available who offer domain registration services with pricing ranging from $8.88 to over $35 per year.  

GoDaddy is not the cheapest place, but they are close and we have had excellent service from them.

You are certainly free to use any domain registration company (registrar) of your own choosing - but a word of warning: please choose your registrar carefully - should you become unhappy, some of these companies make it very difficult and/or expensive to transfer your domain name to another registrar without jumping through some hoops of fire.